FBI To Investigate Giuliani And Trump – NOT Biden

The situation has changed. President Donald Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani did their best to expose the overseas pay-to-play crimes of Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter.

But now only TRUMP and Giuliani are the ones under criminal investigation by the FBI.

According to ABC:

“The business relationship between President Donald Trump’s private lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the men charged Thursday in a campaign finance scheme is a subject of the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by federal authorities in New York, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”

The investigation became public knowledge after 2 associates of Rudy Giuliani were ARRESTED by the FBI. They are currently being used as witnesses in the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

This is insane.

President Trump and Giuliani EXPOSED the crimes of the Biden family. And now they’re the ones being targeted.

They don’t deserve this. They didn’t try to cover up anything – heck, Trump and Giuliani even went so far as to release a public transcript of Trump’s phone call to the president of Ukraine to avoid keeping secrets.

The ONLY reason they’re in trouble right now is because the Deep State knows Trump is getting too close to the truth – and they want him impeached from office.

It’s time to get real. There is absolutely a coup being launched against the current sitting president of the United States. And the liberal media won’t talk about it.


Are YOU think there’s a coup being launched against Donald Trump?

Email me your answer. I want to hear from you personally.

Until tomorrow,

Shaun Connell

PS: Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has promised that if he becomes president, he’s going to CONFISCATE all AR-15s.

Well, I have a message for him. COME AND TAKE IT.

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