REPORT: FBI Raid On Union Bosses Reveal Shocking Corruption

Attorney General Bill Barr is the top law enforcement officer in the land. That means he’s the boss of the director of the FBI. So when the FBI raids the homes of high ranking union officials, you can bet Barr has his hands all over it.

And Barr’s raids did not come up empty.

The FBI raids uncovered more than $60,000 that were allegedly spent on cigars including a single purchase of over $13,000 from a cigar shop in Arizona.

But that’s not all.

According to the Daily Mail, the probe also alleged “roughly $1 million … in union funds was spent on golf outings, four-figure dinners and months-long villa stays in Palm Springs and elsewhere.”

Union bosses are not used to being investigated so this had to come as a huge shock.

It’s just another sign that the swamp is bigger than we first thought and that it still must be emptied.

The raids are a good sign and huge step in the right direction.

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