Evidence Against Biden Greater Than Against Kavanaugh: Report

Democrats claim they want to “hear all women.” Unless of course, those women have made a sexual assault claim against the candidate vying to replace President Donald Trump.

The liberals claim The New York Times found Tara Reade’s claim to lack credibility. But even the Times said that wasn’t true.

Now, Fox News’ Chris Wallace has more bad news for the head-in-the-sand Biden fans.

The case that Tara Reade makes against Joe Biden is a lot stronger than the case Christine Blasey Ford made against Brett Kavanaugh,” Wallace said Sunday, according to Breitbart. He claimed this was so “because Blasey Ford had not told anybody for decades after the event happened, and really was incredibly sketchy and there was no real record that she and Brett Kavanaugh had ever met.”

Wallace noted that, contrastingly, “Tara Reade worked for Joe Biden, worked in his office, and did tell people contemporaneously in ‘93 and in the years immediately thereafter that this happened. It doesn’t mean it did happen, but it does mean she has a stronger record of making the allegation then, for instance, Blasey Ford did,” he said, according to Breitbart.

These are all good points, but don’t expect the leftists in America to actually pay attention.

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