Ethics Complaint Filed Against Adam Schiff

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was finally called out for what he is: a politician who is unethical, corrupt, and dishonest.

After months of grassroot support, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz filed an official ethics complaint against Schiff, saying:

“Today I filed an ethics complaint against @RepAdamSchiff for:

-Distorting @POTUS’s call with President Zelensky

-Lying to the public about “Russian collusion”

-Blocking Members of Congress from attending impeachment depositions

Schiff must be held accountable.”

There are no words to describe how strongly I support this complaint.

That said, I’m not going to mislead you and suggest that somehow this ethics complaint is going to change anything by itself.

We all know that Schiff isn’t going to suddenly admit guilt, apologize, or anything along those lines. That’s not how it works.

I know a lot of you have emailed me day after day asking why Adam Schiff has been allowed to get away with what he’s been doing.

The answer is pretty simple: this kind of corruption, dishonesty, and nastiness is an inherent part of the current political process. That’s the point. The entire process itself is broken.

Adam Schiff is NOT special. He just thinks he is.

He’s only another cog in the pathetic corruption machine. There have been Adam Schiffs in every congress in history, in every government in history, and every situation in history where exploitation was to be found.

This is the simple reason why we need to be waging war against the swamp itself – not just individual personalities. It’s the reason Trump keeps talking about the swamp – because our problems are more than just a specific corrupt person.

That said, this ethics complaint is definitely a necessary step. Plus, I’ll take whatever I can get.

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