Hillary Clinton Claims Some People Want Her to Run for President

Hillary Clinton, the corrupt and world-infamous narcissist, has announced that she is under “enormous pressure” to run for president in 2020.

Poor her. Being under “enormous pressure” is tiresome for the average person, but it’s probably particularly exhausting for someone like Hillary who also suffers from shocking levels of guilt and humiliation from her last attempt to run for president.

That said, I don’t actually believe it.

I don’t think hardly anyone truly wants her to run for president again other than a handful of yes-people she keeps around her.

The typical Democrat, like other typical Americans, probably grew tired of her mindless incompetence, extreme corruption, and out-of-touch persona.

Hillary Clinton is a has-been and is finished. It’s time for her to accept her fate and leave the public eye for good.

Bye, Hillary.

You’re lucky you’re not in jail.

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