BREAKING: Epstein BOMBSHELL – They finally found it…

People who have been looking for a way to achieve justice for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims might have finally found the answer they’ve been looking for.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Courtney Wild, who was one of the first accusers to come forward  – ultimately leading to him being jailed back in 2008 – has written to Attorney General William Barr in her attempt to get justice.

Wild asks Barr to tear up an immunity deal that not only protected Epstein, who is now dead, but also his alleged accomplices who may have themselves committed crimes.

This comes over mounting frustration that her legal team has been unsuccessful, due in large part to the agreement.

“I have been fighting for over ten years to get rid of the provisions in the non-prosecution agreement that gave immunity to Jeffery Epstein and his co-conspirators in Florida for the sexual crimes committed against me when I was a child,” Wild said in her letter..

Wild went further: “I have been re-victimized, at every stage, by the same government that’s supposed to protect me.”

Wild’s legal efforts helped lead to Epstein being convicted and imprisoned — but they also helped reveal the immunity agreement that has angered so many Americans who want to see justice in the case.

If she is successful, powerful people in both political parties could see justice. A lot of guilty people are not happy about this development. But justice must be done for the sake of the victims.

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