BREAKING: Election Fraud PROOF Shocks Michigan Voters – Trump Was RIGHT

We’ve been hearing allegations that dead people have somehow been casting ballots in recent elections for months — and now, there’s a lawsuit over it in Michigan.

“The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Wednesday, alleging she failed to remove more than 25,000 potentially deceased registrants from voter rolls after being notified of the issue several times,” Breitbart News reported.

The group reportedly said in their suit:

The Foundation has spent many thousands of dollars reviewing Michigan’s election procedures and documented failures to maintain an accurate and correct voter roll as required by the NVRA (National Voter Registration Act of 1993). Defendant’s unlawful list maintenance program has forced the Foundation to incur substantial costs comparing Michigan’s voter rolls to the Social Security Death Index, various commercial databases, and other sources in order to identify deceased registrants.

“For example, the Foundation discovered one registrant who, if alive today, would be 100 years old,” the PILF said. “She died over two decades ago but remains an active voter on Michigan’s voter rolls. The Foundation even found her obituary from the Detroit Free Press.”

According to Breitbart, Michigan’s voter rolls show more than 23,000 registered voters “have dead for five years or more.” A full “17,479 registrants have been dead for at least a decade,” the outlet said, and “3,956 registrants have been dead for at least 20 years.”

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11 Responses

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  4. Ok if we catch a Bank robber what do we do let go free or lock them up. So now that we know, without doubt, there were fraud people done during our election let’s lock them up and return the election to Donald Trump the winner

  5. You can bet thats just a small sample of the fraud the Democrats did,& anyone with any sense knows,a politician who didn’t even campaign, couldn’t win!

  6. All those dead folks voted Demonrat too! What a sham… Drag these cheating, treasonous worms off to prison!

  7. Why did American democrat’s let America sink so low Its because democratic voters are not to smart The republicans are very intelligent. Democrats are like dying rats in a cellar with no brains to get out

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