Donald Trump’s Lawyer Reveals Truth About Impeachment Trial

The Democrats are claiming they want justice and truth to prevail in Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial.

But Trump’s lawyer objects to that notion.

David Schoen, one of the two-man team representing Trump, said the impeachment “is completely unconstitutional and it is a very, very dangerous road to take with respect to the First Amendment, putting at risk any passionate political speaker which is really against everything we believe and in this country.”

Rather than a trial to advance fairness, Schoen said the Senate Democrats are pushing on “the most ill-advised legislative action that I’ve seen in my lifetime. It is tearing the country apart at a time when we don’t need anything like that.”

“This has nothing to do with President Trump and the country doesn’t need to just watch videos of riots and unrest,” said Schoen said. “We need to heal now. We need to move forward.”

Schoen pointed out that the Democrats are already recruiting votes against Trump despite the evidence not being heard. He said such a tactic would not be accepted in any other serious trial.

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