Donald Trump Signs Executive Orders Addressing Pharmaceutical Prices

The price of pharmaceutical medicine has been a political hot-button issue for years. Now, in 2020, President Donald Trump is taking action.

The Washington Examiner reports that “President Trump signed four executive orders on Friday that aim to lower prescription drug prices, seeking to add to his healthcare reform credentials amid sagging approval ratings.”

Trump spoke bluntly about the purpose of the orders.

“They represent the most far-reaching prescription drug reforms ever issued by a president, nothing even close,” said Trump, who added:

These providers should not be receiving discounts for themselves while charging their poorest patients massive, full prices. Under this order, the price of insulin for affected patients will come down to just pennies a day from numbers that you weren’t even able to think about. It’s a massive cost savings.

To read more about Trump’s actions against high-priced medicine, click here.

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