Donald Trump REMOVED – Family In Shock

Facebook has removed a video posted by Lara Trump because it contained “the voice of Donald Trump.”

That is not a joke.

“Facebook removed a video of an interview with former President Trump conducted by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, saying any content ‘in the voice of Donald Trump’ would be scrubbed from the social media platform,” Fox News reported Wednesday. “Facebook permanently banned the former president from their platform in January after the Capitol riot.”

Imagine being so scared of a person that even the sounds of his voice are considered a danger. This is classic leftism.

They have no ideas in the form of a solution. Only identity politics and pathways to shame and guilt.

Whether you agree or disagree with the words a person says, out-reasoning their ideas is surely a better tactic for free thought than silencing all those you oppose.

This is a slippery slope, and America is crashing down it at light speed.

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15 Responses

  1. Facebook needs to be permanently removed from the internet. That would show them how it feels to be banned, and they would deserve it.

    1. Spot on Jesse! Facebook needs to be permanently removed and that Commie Zuckerberg jailed for violation of the First Amendment. Then President Trump should sue Faceboook and Zuckerberg and the rest of those snotty elites that run it till they bleed out. This is America who do they think they are treating a former, 75 million vote President with such humiliation.

      1. Agree 100% with you, Jim and also Jesse. I have deleted my data from this platform and recommend that others to also. But it probably won’t happen since it is international and they would still have foreign users.

  2. Facebook should be removed from the internet if they think the right to remove anyone’s freedom of speech!

  3. Why is anyone in shock over this. Facebook and their ilk are all facists and they decide. It’s not a social platform anymore. I wish all my facebook friends would e-mail or call me instead of using facebook. Big tech is an enemy of Americans and the Constitution, and they need to feel some hurt.

    1. I have the same wish. So far, I don’t tweet, twitter and my face is not on a book. My work wants all employees to use it but I respectfully said no. I tell them I’m a dinosaur waiting for the meteor.

  4. Here’s what I just posted on FB. It will be removed in a few minutes.
    The ignorant, the shallow, the Demonic cannot deal with President Trump. That have to make us think he doesn’t exist. Then my Comment: Not to worry folks, this post will be gone in a few minutes. Sad how desperate these losers are. Trump is so superior in knowledge and wisdom they can’t debate him! Satan didn’t prepare them for him!

  5. We have the right to FREE SPEECH Facebook is using OUR airwaves – they should be shut down – all officers – administrators etc – Jail

  6. Every right and fair thinking person knows that something needs to be done right now to reign in these tyrants of the media. Don’t know how that will happen though when all those who can make it happen are in bed together – the WOKE bed! The dumb sheep who elected these leftists will live to rue the day when they see their freedoms disappear little by little. Unfortunately, those of us who did our homework and knew better, will lose also.

  7. What is wrong with you people. You broke the 1st amendment. They should shut you down just like you shut people down. Who died and made you people God.

  8. Big Tech is in bed with the Dems. My guess is that there are funds changing hand to ensure that Trump is not given a voice. Trump stood in the way of the Dems stealing from the Americans and turning the United States into a third world country. What will the Dems do when Trump starts to hold his big meetings again? I know! They will say he is a super spreader of covid! They will also send Antifa to try to disrupt the meeting, and then say that Trump loyalist are violent! Yup think I am tight. The Left is so predictable.

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