CONFIRMED: Alaska Comes In For Donald Trump

The wait is over for Alaska.

President Donald Trump has been declared the winner in the state, finally clinching all three of its Electoral College votes after a week-long wait, the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday.

The call was officially made by the Associated Press earlier Wednesday. The AP had called the nationwide race for Joe Biden on Saturday.

According to the AP, Alaska puts President Trump’s total count in the Electoral College at 217. A full 270 electoral votes are needed to win, and the AP has Biden sitting at 290, the Washington Examiner reports.

But there are still several lawsuits and recounts on the horizon that, in the eyes of the Trump campaign, leave the final results of the election very much in question.

Of course, although they claim to be vigorously covering the objective news, those in the mainstream media have put a virtual blackout on the coverage of any voting irregularities and allegations of fraud.

Instead, the media is threatening to “punish” those in “denialism” — the act of daring to wait until all the votes are counted before declaring a winner. But Trump has made clear that he’s still in this fight.

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