DOJ Reveals China’s Nuclear Secret

Bill Barr’s Department of Justice just accused North Korea and the communist government of China of laundering money to support a $2.5 million dollar nuclear program.

“Twenty-eight North Koreans and five Chinese nationals are accused of acting as agents of North Korea’s Foreign Trade Bank by allegedly setting up more than 250 front companies to launder at least $2.5 billion through the international banking system,” the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

A 50-page indictment shows the Trump administration has been “unable to deter North Korea’s nuclear weapons program through sanctions and diplomacy.”

“Through this indictment, the United States has signified its commitment to hampering North Korea’s ability to illegally access the U.S. financial system, and to limit its ability to use proceeds from these illicit actions to enhance its WMD and ballistic missile programs,” acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said in a statement, as the Examiner reported.

None of the defendants have been arrested yet, but the DOJ action could make it more difficult for them to travel.

To read more about the DOJ’s allegations against China and North Korea, click here.

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