Cruz: Dems Only Wanted Witnesses Because They Failed To Prove Case

The Democrats claimed they wanted to hear from new witnesses so the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump was as thorough as possible — but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) isn’t buying their argument at all.

Instead, Cruz says he knows the real purpose behind Democrats’ efforts to call witnesses. “The reason they [want witnesses] is that the House managers, I think, haven’t proven their case,” Cruz told Fox News. “And so what they want to do is just keep it open as long as possible.”

In other words, the Democrats’ strategy is to delay until they can win. And to Dems, winning means defeating Donald Trump in November’s elections.

Make no mistake about it: this was never about actually impeaching Trump. The Dems knew they didn’t have the votes to win in the Senate. Instead, the entire affair was an orchestrated circus act to parade conspiracy theories and accusations against the president in front of the American people.

“They want to engage in a fishing expedition and just keep extending it,” Cruz told Fox on Friday.

Cruz concluded his remarks by contrasting the sham of a proceeding that occurred in the House with how the trial has gone in the Senate. “The Senate’s going to follow the law. We’ve given both sides a fair trial,” Cruz said. “The House didn’t have a fair proceeding. It had a one-sided partisan proceeding. We let both sides present their case. We’re going to apply the law. I think by the end of the weekend, the president is going to be acquitted.”

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