Democrats Refuse To Meet Amy Coney Barrett

Despite tradition and custom, Democrat lawmakers are refusing to meet with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Even though this is well-settled due diligence, elected officials are choosing to make a political statement and abandon their job rather than simply interview the candidate Trump has put before them.

Imagine the pettiness that this requires. But Sen. Tom Tillis predicts their motives are to set the stage for a confirmation circus:

I think it’s because they are going to make a circus when they get into the committee. And if they met with Judge Barrett for an hour, they would find it very difficult to go after her the way I think that they are going to. This is an extraordinary mother of seven children. This is going to be the first justice with school-age kids in the history of the United States, incredible academic record, great work as a jurist. A number of people across the ideological spectrum who support her clerked with her. So, I don’t think they want to meet her because if they know her beforehand it’s going to be a lot more difficult to pull off the theater I expect to see on October the 12th.

To read all of Tillis’ comments, click here.

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