REPORT: Democrats Planning National Lockdown Mandates If They Win Georgia

The entire nation will be put under a mandated lockdown if Democrats win in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections, according to Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida.

“Next Tuesday, January 5th, could set the stage for…our children and grandchildren growing up in America led by socialists, and a world led by Chinese communists, and that that is not overstating the case at all,” Waltz warned in a recent interview, according to Breitbart.

The Florida Republican said that poor leadership during the pandemic within Democratic states will soon be forced on the entire nation, telling Breitbart News Daily:

We talk a lot about California [and] New York…how they dealt with the [coronavirus], how they just squash individual liberty. […] They don’t trust business owners or individuals to make their own decisions, it has to be made by government. Well, guess who will be running our entire national government? Kamala Harris, senator from California; Nancy Pelosi, congresswoman from California; Chuck Schumer, senator from New York.

Waltz went on:

All the states [from which] people are fleeing in droves to get out of there because of horrible governance… [Democrats] will take those same methodologies and make them mandatory, put it into law, and make it national. […] That’s what’s at stake with two Senate seats in Georgia.

To read more about Waltz’s comments, click here.

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