BREAKING: Democrats In Congress Just Got The News They’ve Been DREADING…

A recent poll revealed that the GOP is leading Democrats by a double-digit margin, confirming that Biden’s presidency is one big fail.

The Republican Party leads Democrats by double digits on the economy, national security, and jobs creation,” Breitbart News reports.

According to Breitbart, the GOP is seeing soaring high approval ratings on the subject of the economy, with 47% to Dems’ 34%, as well as national security (49% to 32%) and jobs (45% to 35%).

Things aren’t looking very good for Nancy Pelosi either, as her majority crumbles in the wake of numerous resignations and retirements from fellow party leaders.

“The chances of Pelosi retaining the speakership seems low, as Republicans gain momentum amid positive polling numbers, redistricting, and Democrat retirements. A total of 28 House Democrats are leaving Pelosi’s caucus after the midterms,” reports Breitbart News.

House Democrats are dropping quickly in correlation with President Biden’s failed agenda,” according to Breitbart. “Biden has failed at federalizing local elections, passing the costly ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, and shutting down the virus.”

There are reports that the Dems are trying to get another stimulus package through in an effort to keep the economy from tanking even more. Additionally, a few Republicans are reported to be a part of those conversations.

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