Bullock Is Out: The Last “Moderate” Candidate Gives Up

Another Democrat candidate for president just called it quits.

Steve Bullock announced today he was suspending his campaign. In his official statement, he blamed unforeseen “obstacles” and his inability to “break through” to the top tier.

While Bullock’s polling never hinted at national success, his exit is significant in what it reveals about the future of Democrat party.

With a crowded field of left-wing, socialism loving revolutionaries, the fact that a self-proclaimed moderate couldn’t get more traction with Democrat voters speaks volumes about the left’s plan for America’s future.

Furthermore, Bullock, the former governor of Montana, was the only one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls who was elected to statewide office.

Apparently, the left has no appreciation for moderation and non-swamp experience.

Anyone to the right of a card carrying socialist or with more experience than two weeks of holding a “I hate capitalism sign” has no future in this new left.

Bullock may have given up the ghost, but the Dems are still searching for theirs… and it looks like Che Guevara.

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