BREAKING: Bill Barr STRIKES – Trump Is Smiling

If there was any doubt that recent attacks by the radical left might derail President Donald Trump’s administration from reaching its primary objectives, they were just put to rest once and for all.

Bill Barr’s Department of Justice just announced that it will be pursuing the death penalty against a violent member of the MS-13 gang. The gang member was found guilty of kidnapping and killing two teenagers back in 2016.

According to, Elmer Martinez is “alleged to be the leader of the Fairfax County clique that authorities say killed a 17-year-old suspected of belonging to a rival gang and a 14-year-old who revealed that crime to the victim’s family.”

According to court filings, prosecutors asked for the death penalty for Martinez because of his “substantial planning and premeditation” and “his lack of remorse for his violent acts.”

The left would have the American people focusing on their impeachment circus in an attempt to discredit Trump. But his administration has, thus far, remained committed to accomplishing its core objectives. And punishing violent criminal offenders is near the top of that list.

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