NY Dems Turn On Gov. Cuomo, Demand Responsibility For Criminal Actions

Governor Andrew Cuomo is officially out of favor with the New York Democrats.

“Nine Democratic New York State Assembly members signed a letter to their colleagues accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo of obstruction of justice and asking that lawmakers set aside political loyalty and oppose him,” reports Fox News.

The letter and its signatories prove that Cuomo is far from done with this scandal. It also shows that the criticisms of his performance and alleged cover-up are spreading quickly into his own party.

“We implore you to set aside any concerns of loyalty or disloyalty to this Governor, or that this matter is politicized,” said the letter to New York lawmakers. “We must absolutely consider above all the sanctity of the democratic institution that we call the Legislature of the State of New York, and resolutely pursue justice in the face of an executive who we can say without hesitation has engaged in intentional criminal wrongdoing.”

The scandal exploded recently after a top aide revealed Cuomo’s administration intentionally hid data. “Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa had reportedly admitted that the administration intentionally kept the nursing home data under wraps out of fear of possible repercussions from the Department of Justice,” states Fox News’ report.

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