BREAKING: Ted Cruz Confirms Worst Fears About Democrats – They Want Everything

The conservative firebrand from Texas — Senator Ted Cruz — just put Democrats on full blast for their systematic overreach into American lives.

“In any crisis, someone’s character is revealed,” Cruz said in a recent interview, according to Breitbart. “And COVID really has shown the character of the Democrats. They are authoritarians. They are jack-booted thugs. There is no decision about your life that they will not try to control, whether that is a vaccine mandate, regardless of your choices. Gavin Newsom trying to order every school kid in California to get a vaccine regardless of their parents’ wishes or whether it comes to silencing free speech.”

Cruz said the Democrats didn’t stop there. He went on to explain how they are even using the FBI and DOJ to attack innocent people who disagree with them:

You know, at the attorney general’s memorandum this week, he directed the FBI and the Department of Justice to go after parents who are going to school boards who are expressing dismay that critical race theory, the toxic stew of lies that divides us based on race, that teaches kids that America is inherently racist, that all white people are racist, that seeks to turn us into hating each other on racial lines — parents are understandably upset about that. And the attorney general told the Department of Justice that those parents at school boards should be treated as threats and as domestic terrorists and directed the FBI to use all the forces of the federal government against them today.

Cruz then pointed out the hypocrisy from the Democrats that came out during a recent hearing.

“I said, how about Black Lives Matter terrorists that are looting stores and firebombing police cars and murdering police officers?” the GOP senator noted. “Can we agree that if you murder police officers, you’re a domestic terrorist? She said, well, everybody is allowed to have a point of view.”

He added, “So the Biden Justice Department looks at terrorists who are murdering police officers and firebombing cities and says, we don’t know if they’re bad guys, but they look at moms at a PTA meeting, and they say, ‘Yup, that is the threat in life.’ It’s nuts.

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  7. The dems are so obvious with their bias. They are all for themselves and anybody that doesn’t agree with them is a terriorist. Aren’t we lucky to have such high character people leading our country.

  8. If we dont do something about this nutty biden, our country is down the tube. How can he deny us to build that wall when the steel is sitting on the ground, paid for rusting when he is supposed to spend our money wisley and take care of us and our country? This is too much power for anyone to have. We need to change the laws. Our congress should decider when something that expensive and good for all of us and our country is needed. He and his communist are ruining our beautiful country. It is time to impeach him and his ilk.

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