Crenshaw Savages Beto O’Rourke After ‘Weak’ and ‘Dumb’ Comment

Former Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke just got the virtual beatdown of a lifetime from Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) — and it was my favorite moment of the day.

O’Rourke had tweeted about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, saying the Republican’s plan to reopen his state was “dangerous, dumb and weak.”

That’s when Crenshaw stepped in.

“The guy who wanted to be Texas’ senator truly believes Texans can’t make decisions for themselves and that they are ‘dumb and weak’ for living their lives and trying to feed their families,” Crenshaw tweeted.

“And yes, he’s talking to all Texans, not just our governor,” the congressman added. “Governor Abbott can’t force anyone to go back to work. Texans are choosing to do that, despite what people like Beto scream from their ivory towers.”

Even Sen. Ted Cruz, another Texas Republican, got in on the action.

This is exactly why I love Texas.

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