Court Gives Green Light To Trump’s Border Wall

A federal appeals court just released a whopping $3.6 billion to fund the border wall. The funds, released Wednesday, were previously blocked by a lawsuit.

The left must be furious about it. They have spent months parading impeachment propaganda in front of the House. The left-leaning mainstream media uses their 24/7 news cycle to regurgitate the same, used-up, anti-Trump talking points.

But despite their clear effort to derail him, President Trump continues to get policy wins. And I’m not even talking about Iran.

According to Reuters:

In a 2–1 ruling, the panel noted that the U.S. Supreme Court had stayed an injunction in a similar border wall case from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court also said there was a “substantial likelihood” that the parties challenging the funding transfer – the county of El Paso, Texas, and the Border Network for Human Rights — lacked standing to sue the Trump administration.

Although the radical left has attempted to thwart Trump at every turn, Breitbart reports that over 100 miles of old border wall has already been successfully upgraded. The extra money will, according to Breitbart, allow the agencies “to construct another 174 miles of wall, including new wall on stretches of the border which lack any barrier.”

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