Poll: Most Of GOP Wants Congress To ‘Stand Up’ To Biden

President-elect Joe Biden may tell the nation that his margin of victory amounts to a mandate for his policies, but the numbers say something quite different.

A new poll shows that a majority of Republicans actually want Congress to “stand up” to Biden and hold him accountable.

“Nearly six in 10 (59%) Republicans questioned in a Pew Research Center poll urge GOP leaders in Congress to stand up to the incoming president, even if it’s harder to address critical issues facing the country,” Fox News revealed in a recent report.

The survey also showed that just “38% of Republicans say their congressional leaders should try to work with the incoming Democratic president, even if it means disappointing some GOP voters,” Fox reported.

What’s more, Pew noted in its own report:

A sizable majority of conservative Republicans (69%) favor GOP leaders standing up to Biden, compared with 44% of GOP moderates and liberals.

That’s good for America, but bad for Biden. That mandate he’s been talking about just doesn’t seem to be shaping up.

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