Confirmed: Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Policy Was Wrong, Deadly And ‘Devastating’

A top medical official has gone on record to call out Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policy during the coronavirus outbreak as wrong and “devastating.”

Seema Verma, the administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told Breitbart News that Cuomo “neglected to use assets made available to him by the Trump administration as part of the Empire State’s coronavirus response.

“The governor continues to be confused about the policy,” Verma said. “I heard him just yesterday talking about it, and he keeps saying that it was federal guidelines that allowed him to create the policy that he had, and I just want to be very clear with with your listeners and the public, because it’s important to protect our most vulnerable citizens.”

Verma told Breitbart that Cuomo made deadly mistakes despite the fact that the “guidance couldn’t be any clearer.” She went on:

Our guidelines very clearly say that a nursing home can accept somebody that’s COVID-positive, as long as the facility can follow the CDC guidelines around isolation… But it also says — and I’m reading this — it says, “If a nursing home cannot, then it must wait until these precautions can be discontinued.” So the guidance couldn’t be any clearer.

But Verma didn’t stop there.

Forcing nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients when they weren’t prepared obviously has had a devastating impact on our most vulnerable citizens,” she said.

To read more about Cuomo’s deadly blunder, click here.

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