Report: Comey Planned To Entrap President Trump

Republican Senator James Lankford (OK) said Wednesday that James Comey was certainly conspiring against Donald Trump, perhaps before he even became president, Breitbart reported.

While discussing whether Barack Obama had knowledge of the alleged scheme against Michael Flynn, Lankford told radio host Hugh Hewitt that it was much easier to point the finger at former FBI Director Comey.

“Hard to be able to tell at this point the role of the president,” Lankford said of Obama, according to Breitbart. “We do know at this point that he was engaged in it. He was informed about it, and then what his instructions were to his team and what he was kind of giving a wink and a nod to Comey to be able to carry out is unknown at this point. We do know that Comey, in the earliest days of the Trump administration, was discussing some way to be able to entrap the president.”

It isn’t particularly surprising that Comey had it in for Trump, but it is stunning that he would go to such great lengths under the color of law to bring down a political opponent.

“That is going to be something we’re going to dig into, and [Senate] Judiciary Committee will actually take the lead on that,” Lankford said.

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