Even CNN Is Turning On Michael Bloomberg


A billion dollars can buy a lot of things, but apparently it can’t buy a good debate performance.

In fact, the situation was so bad that even CNN’s own network analyst admitted the truth about Michael Bloomberg. “The performance was god-awful,” said CNN political contributor Bakari Sellers. “It’s amazing to see someone who has billions of dollars and all of these resources not spend any money on debate prep. Or if he did, he probably fired them all last night, even before the plane left Las Vegas.”

Sellers also pointed out what the rest of the country was thinking. “Donald Trump will destroy Mike Bloomberg if last night is any example of what happens on a debate stage,” said Sellers on CNN’s ‘New Day.’

Although Bloomberg’s poll numbers were on the rise, it will be interesting to see how his poor debate performance impacts the way potential voters view him.

“After last night’s performance, I’m sure Mayor Bloomberg wishes he never showed up,” Sellers said. “People are used to losses in Vegas and big losses at the craps table, at the blackjack table, but it’s very rare that you see someone take a loss like that on the debate stage.”

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