China Closes U.S. Consulate After U.S. Shutters Chinese Consulate In Houston

China has closed down the American consulate in Chengdu in retaliation for America’s decision to shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston. The move was sudden but not surprising.

According to Breitbart News, “the Chinese Foreign Ministry justified the move by claiming the United States has been using the Chengdu consulate to meddle in China’s internal affairs.”

Experts have speculated that China chose Chengdu because its mission was important to the U.S. but not as critical as other consulates such as the one in Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Moments before the Chinese consulate in Houston was closed, video surfaced of Chinese agents burning documents in the back of the property.

“Chinese Communist Party media universally repeated the line that America had no good reason to close the Houston consulate, denied it was orchestrating any improper activity from the Houston facility, and accused the Trump administration of irresponsibly escalating the diplomatic conflict to goose his flagging poll numbers,” Breitbart reported.

To read more about the closure of these consulates, click here.

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