China Attacks U.S. Over Human Rights Violations. Yes, China.

Hold on to your seats. China has officially accused the United States of human rights violations including “systemic racism,” “white supremacy,” and “religious intolerance.”

You heard that right. The country that kills millions because of their crime of simply being a Muslim is lecturing America.

The country that still uses concentration camps and slavery wants to play judge for our nation. No thanks.

Breitbart News outlined just a few of China’s outrageous abuses of human rights:

Satellite evidence and testimonies from escapees suggest that China has imprisoned between 1 and 3 million Uyghurs, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and other minorities in concentration camps over the past few years in its northwestern Xinjiang territory, which borders Central Asia.

Since at least 2017, the CCP has built concentration camps, which it officially refers to as “vocational training centers,” in Xinjiang for the purposes of mass cultural assimilation. The region’s native minorities differ greatly in terms of ethnicity, culture, language, and religion from China’s ruling ethnic Han majority; the CCP wishes to assimilate the minorities into Han culture to eliminate potential threats to the Communist Party’s power. Uyghurs who have survived Xinjiang’s detention camps say they were forced into slave labor, subjected to Communist Party political indoctrination, and endured physical and sexual abuse. Some say they were electrocuted, sterilized, or tested in manners consistent with organ harvesting.

Just you watch. This is the country Biden has prospered from and will continue to appease while they lecture us from their throne of lies.

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