Chicago Representative Arrested for Bribery

Normally, we just talk about national political characters. But there are some regions of the country that everyone watches because there are lessons for the rest of us.

You could build a successful country, for example, if you just do the opposite of whatever they do in the socialist wastelands of New York, San Francisco, and, of course, Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, earlier this week, Illinois state Rep. Luis Arroyo (D-Chicago – no surprise) was arrested on bribery charges.

This man’s arrogance was so comically high he was actually caught bragging on the phone:

“I’m going to give you this here. This is, this is, this is the jackpot.”

The “jackpot” to this two-bit politician was $2,500 per month from a lobbyist. In the movies, corruption and bribery usually involves huge sums of money. In real life, though, the amounts of money politicians commit crimes for are usually in line with a regular job.

So why would someone like this commit crimes rather than just work an honest living? For politicians, power and corruption are the real goals – it’s not about the money itself. They’re crooks, not capitalists.

This won’t be the last time a Chicago politician is arrested on bribery charges, of course. Almost the entire city is infested with these kinds of corrupt power-obsessed crooks.

Somehow, they keep thriving in these broken leftist system. In fact, one of the New York crooks even ran for president in 2016. Don’t worry, she lost.

-Question of the Day-

What should the penalty be for bribery?

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