Tucker Carlson Shows Why Fight Against Big Tech Isn’t Over

The left would have us believe that Twitter and Facebook are America’s friends, and that banning former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters from those platforms was the final move in putting together a peaceful discourse.

Obviously, that is pure absurdity. And Tucker Carlson is out to show the nation just how insidious and far-reaching the censorship of Big Tech really is.

According to Breitbart, Carlson explained it this way:

The bigger threat to your family turned out to be huge publicly held corporations, particularly the tech monopolies. Why? Because you have zero control over their behavior. They truly aren’t interested in what you think. And yet, they have enormous control over your life and you should be worried about that. You probably already are worried about it.

The Fox News host then referred to a study that hails itself as “proof” that Twitter does not, in fact, censor conservatives. What data did the study use to establish their claim? That is the most interesting part.

“In the words of the, quote, ‘study,’ pinning down precise proportions on censorship is impossible because Twitter doesn’t release sufficient data,” Carlson said. “Are you following the reasoning here? Their conclusion? Twitter is not biased, and we can be certain it’s not biased because Twitter refuses to release data on who it bans. Case closed.

Carlson demonstrated how the study is getting pawned off as proof, but the actual study even admits its conclusions are limited by the very stingy data Twitter will give it.

To read more about this so-called study and the agenda behind Big Tech, click here. And you really should click there. Carlson is on fire.

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