BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell On GOP – Fans Stunned

The Republican Party just got a wake-up call from conservative firebrand Tucker Carlson.

Writing an op-ed for Fox News online, Carson argues that the modern-day GOP is almost unrecognizable and gave reasons why.

“There are a lot of nice people in the Republican Party, but the point of a political party is not to be nice, it is to represent the interests of its voters,” wrote Carlson. “That’s the only reason political parties exist. There is no other reason to have them except to represent their voters.”

But Carlson said the Republicans are not doing that:

Yet year after year, on issue after issue, the leadership of the Republican Party fails to do that. We’re not guessing about this. We know what Republican voters care about. They tell pollsters all the time. Since they kept getting ignored, in 2016 they elected Donald Trump, just to make it incredibly clear what they cared about. If that wasn’t a wake-up call, nothing would be.

However, it remains true that the priorities of the people who run the Republican Party are very different — in some cases, completely different — from the priorities of the people who vote Republican.

Carlson delivered his knockout blow by arguing longtime GOP message man Frank Luntz is not a friend to the party at all but rather a liberal in sheep’s clothing.

To read more about Carlson’s shocking report on Luntz, click here. (It’s worth reading.)

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5 Responses

  1. I like Tucker and I agree with him most of the time, but not on this subject. The republicans’ did vote for Trump, but the democrat’s changed the votes and stuffed the ballots with false votes. The election was stolen, not that the Republicans leaders do not represent the voters, they do! The state of affaires in America is a nightmare, that I can not wake up from. If we can have an honest election, we will see that the Republicans will win and lead America properly.

  2. A little bit of both! If you compare the Republican Party to the democratic party the difference is obvious . The democrats are agresdivr at every opportunity while the republicans often roll over . Yes it’s true that biden was elected fraudulently but where was the outrage on the republicans to the election

  3. The way to nip this and it wont be in the bud, its more like a full grown oak tree. Contact Kevin McCarthy and as him why his room mate is luntz a democrap hiding in a top mask.?
    By the way its next to impossible to contact him if your not from his district in an e mail one way to keep from finding out what a jerk he is.

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