Anti-Trump Presidential Candidate Suspends Campaign

Even though he voted for Donald Trump in 2016, Joe Walsh decided to run against the president in the 2020 primaries.

But even though Walsh said he would campaign in every state and was “in this to win,” he is now quitting because he knows he is going to lose.

While Walsh was running as a Republican, he now says he would “rather have a socialist in the White House” than Donald Trump.

But even though Trump has been hated by the radical left, the mainstream media, and even some Republicans, like Mitt Romney, Walsh failed to ever secure a statistically significant portion of the public’s support.

So he quit. “It became clear to me that no one can beat Trump in a Republican primary,” Walsh said in a phone call with Fox News.

But here’s the thing about quitting:

Donald Trump didn’t quit before he raised black worker’s wages for the first time after what The New York Times called a “decade of stagnation.”

Donald Trump didn’t quit before increasing monthly payrolls to the highest in five years.

Donald Trump didn’t quit before creating a staggering 479,000 jobs in his first 34 months.

Donald Trump didn’t quit before pushing the employment-to-population ratio for prime-age workers to 80.6%, “the highest since 2001,” according to Breitbart.

Donald Trump didn’t quit before leveraging economic strategy to lower the trade deficit with China by 18%.

Quitters don’t get a lot done for America, Mr. Walsh.

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