California Drama: Efforts To Oust Gavin Newsom Reach Critical Mass

The political future of Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom has never been more in doubt.

“Randy Economy, the senior adviser and official media spokesman for Recall Gavin 2020, [said] on Saturday that the campaign has received around 1,509,000 signatures — more than the required amount,” Fox News reported. “Organizers said they expect to have 1.6 million signatures by Sunday.”

The group still has some work left to do.

“We’re not there yet. We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the milestone along the way. But our job is not done. We’re working as hard as today as we were yesterday, and we’re going to work harder tomorrow,” Economy told Fox. “And if it wasn’t for this amazing group of volunteers that have dedicated so much of their lives, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.”

The signature threshold is the next step toward getting the initiative on the ballot, and then there would have to be a vote in favor of the effort for it to move forward.

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