Brett Favre Reverses On Colin Kaepernick Comparison to War Hero

Brett Favre, a former NFL quarterback, is walking back his previous comparison of Colin Kaepernick to Pat Tillman.

Tillman, also a former NFL player, voluntarily chose military service over the glamor and riches of a massive professional football contract. He ultimately sacrificed his life in combat in Afghanistan while fighting for the United States Army.

Can you see how Tillman was in any way similar to self-styled social justice activist Kaepernick? I can’t either.

Favre foolishly made such a comparison, but he is now rightly walking the comments back.

“Including Pat Tillman’s name in the interview on Colin Kaepernick was not a comparison of the two, but a recognition that they both sidelined their football dreams in pursuit of a cause,” Favre tweeted. “Pat tragically lost his life, making the ultimate sacrifice, and deserves the highest honor.”

To read more about Favre’s comments on Kaepernick, click here.

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