BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Rumors Confirmed – On The RUN…

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t the only Democrat with staff issues. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff members are reportedly exiting her office in droves amid rumors of her upcoming retirement.

“The executive director of Nancy Pelosi for Congress, Jorge Aguilar, is the latest person to leave Pelosi’s side after being with her for roughly a decade. Aguilar will move to theGroup, a strategy and communications firm, to advise clients on ‘navigating the intricacies of the Democratic Caucus and stakeholder organizations,'” Breitbart News reported Tuesday.

“Aguilar’s exit could be a clue to Pelosi’s decision” on retirement, Breitbart adds. “Often, staff and longtime aides leaving an elected officeholder are a sign that the member will be retiring. Aguilar has not only been with Pelosi for nearly a decade; he was the executive director of her reelection campaign.

“Additionally,” Breitbart reports, “while Pelosi and her staff have not confirmed any of the reports of her potential retirement from Congress, the turnover rate in her office skyrocketed last year.”

She’s now in the 90th percentile for highest House staff turnover, LegiStorm data reveals.

“The data showed that while Pelosi’s office has been ‘relatively stable over the years,’ the number of staffers leaving Pelosi’s office rose dramatically last year,” reports Breitbart.

If the speaker is planning on retiring from politics, that day can’t come soon enough.

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