BREAKING: Fox News Host Stuns Fans – Says No One Is Listening…

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson hammered the President for being weak and commanding zero respect.

“No one is listening to Joe Biden anymore,” Carlson said.

“Carlson opened his broadcast with a scathing critique of President Joe Biden’s press conference earlier in the day, which was only his second press conference of his first year in office,” reports Breitbart News.

“Carlson explained that Biden’s lackluster performance was a product of his underwhelming presidency. He described Biden as weak and someone who commanded no respect,” according to Breitbart News.

“Joe Biden shuffled forth from seclusion this afternoon for a rare solo press conference,” Tucker began. “You may have seen it. It’s about as communist Punxsutawney Phil emerging. In fact, according to statisticians who keep track of this sort of thing, it was only his second since taking office a full year ago. And by the end, you are wishing that Joe Biden spoke in public less often.”

Carlson didn’t stop there. The long monologue reamed the President for his various failures.

“The whole thing was confusing enough that we are going to spend some time unpacking in at much greater length on tomorrow’s show,” Carlson added. “But in the meantime, here is what you should know. You are currently funding a proxy battle in Ukraine against the nuclear armed Russian military and that could very well erupt into a hot war that includes you, the United States.”

“If nothing else, Biden made that very clear, so sleep well tonight. Then Biden bragged about himself as he tends to do whenever he is awake. Can you think of any other President who has done so much in a year — he asked at one point. How do you respond to a question like that?” Carlson said.

It’s clear Biden’s presidency has been an epic fail, and it’s far from over. Can it get any worse?

Click here to read the full transcript of Carlson’s monologue.

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