BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Russian Conspiracy – America SHOCKED…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is still at it, delivering epic monologues that mock and scold the Biden administration.

A recent monologue included Carlson delivering strong remarks about the media’s reporting on a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Carlson said the alarm from those within the United States was a direct contrast to what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had been saying publicly and what he had reportedly told President Joe Biden,” reported Breitbart News.

“If you’ve been following the news at all recently, you know, that Vladimir Putin is just seconds away from invading our ancient ally, our closest friend on the world stage, that would be the sovereign nation of Ukraine,” Carlson began.

“In response to this news, lovers of democracy everywhere are horrified,” Carlson continued. “This is a slow-motion disaster. In effect, it’s the first domino.”

“First the Russians come from Ukraine. Next, it’s Bangor, Boise, Bakersfield. What Vladimir Putin plans next will make ‘Red Dawn’ look like a documentary. So, of course defenders of democracy everywhere are horrified by this, and they’re ready to fight,” Carlson continued.

“Now NATO whose job it apparently is to contain Russia has not yet committed to defending Ukraine for some reason. But patriotic Americans are not waiting for NATO. That’s not their way,” Carlson added.

“But in the meantime, Joe Biden seems most worried of all, Joe Biden is so panicked about what is about to happen to Ukraine, he makes Bill Kristol seem understated and restrained and it is not really surprising because Joe Biden is the President of the United States. He has got access to all the latest intel. It is delivered to him daily by the weapons of mass destruction division at CIA, those guys are on it,” Carlson said.

“This week, Biden got so concerned after reading what the CIA delivered him. He’s so worried about what’s about to happen to Ukraine that Joe Biden called the President of Ukraine to warn him about his fate. And then someone in the intel community leaked the transcript of that call to CNN,” Carlson said before breaking down the call clip by clip.

Read the full transcript of the epic monologue here.

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