BREAKING: Biden’s DAMNING 9/11 Photo… He NEVER Wanted You to See This

A photo depicting President Joe Biden with former Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and other officials during a 9/11 memorial event shows why Biden can’t be believed or trusted on COVID-19 or any other policy he has enacted.

The photo shows Biden holding his mask away from his face and down over his chin as he yells something — the caption doesn’t say what he was yelling,  just that “Biden is the Biggest FRAUD in the history of America.”

Biden has been adamant about being “safe” with masks and vaccines during this phase of COVID-19 when cases are surging as a result of the delta variant, but he obviously doesn’t believe his own words and statements about the virus when he feels perfectly comfortable to yell maskless in a crowd of people.

Isn’t he worried he could transmit something to all of the masked people around him? 

The photo perfectly encapsulates the massive chasm between what politicians are saying about COVID-19 and what they are doing about it.

See the full tweet here.

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17 Responses

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  5. I’ll hold my opinion of bidens actions until i actually see the picture. But biden has been a smuck and a liar for 50 years don’t see any reason for him to change now. The more that comes out the more we know how they stole the election.

  6. I don’t see a picture in the post of Biden. I don’t doubt that the article is true, but when you talk about a picture, there should be one there.

  7. I didn’t see the picture in your article but have seen that picture else where. It really is a lousy picture because it shows the Bushes. Clintons, obamas and the Bidens. Everyone of them are for the NWO, they all want to destroy the United States! They are not for our country and everyone of them should be in jail! They are all domestic terrorists to our country!

  8. Biden is a fool. He yells incoherent absurd statements. He is a fool and liar. He will never last long. One way or bother he will be out. He is a loser

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  10. Biden is destroying this country he doesn’t care about our safety all he cares about id winning the next election and he’ll do anything to make sure of it, that’s why he’s going to flood America with illegal immigrants for votes in 2024, I myself think even if he gives them amnesty they shouldn’t be allowed to vote only immigrants who came in legally should be allowed to vote, biden cheated to get in and he’s going to do it again and give China all the power, I sure hope Americans wake up we need to stand up and fight before he takes our freedom away

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