BREAKING: Biden In BIG Trouble After Huckabee Shocker – America Stunned…

Saturday Night Live took aim at President Joe Biden for his incoherent response to the pandemic, and Mike Huckabee’s reaction to the skit is spot on.

The former Arkansas Governor said “I have to give them credit, the Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live was actually more coherent than the real Joe Biden. The one on Saturday Night Live didn’t slur through his speech, he didn’t mispronounce the names of Spiderman or anybody else that he talked about, and he actually took questions from the press, something the real Joe Biden just simply won’t do anymore.”

“In a way, their spoof, the fact that they portrayed him that way, was the greatest indictment on his first year in the presidency,” Huckabee added.

Is there any chance there’s a reboot or recalibration going on? Pete Hegseth of Fox News asked, adding that the administration has to notice the various ways Americans feel failed by Biden.

“I’m not sure that the Biden administration understands that they really do need to reboot, because their first year in office has been like a crash, a major crash of the latest version of windows. Therefore, I don’t know, they don’t seem to have any sense of self awareness. They go to Georgia and Stacy Abrams won’t even show up for them to taut his signature bill that they call voting rights, which has nothing to do with voting rights – that’s just putting a title on something, it had to do with making it easier for people to cheat when they vote. They ignored the fact that Georgia has more substantial ways for people to vote than Delaware does, he didn’t go to Delaware.”

Then Huckabee dropped a truth bomb about the fate of the Biden presidency.

“It’s yet to be seen if the Biden administration has enough awareness to recognize they are in real trouble. When they are losing their own party and they can’t get something through a senate that they control, they are in trouble,” Huckabee said.

To see the video of this interview, click here.

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