Bolton Rejects Claim He Can Be Forced to Testify on Impeachment

Donald Trump has to be furious about former U.N. ambassador and infamous neoconservative John Bolton.

Trump fired Bolton due to Bolton’s extreme foreign policy views. Now, it looks like Bolton has become a major liability to Trump. He has repeatedly implied that he has damaging information about the Ukraine situation.

The good news for Trump? It looks like Bolton and his attorneys have rejected the notion that he will testify in the House impeachment investigation.

A federal judge ruled that Trump couldn’t bar close aides from testifying in the impeachment process.

But Bolton’s attorney explains that this ruling doesn’t apply to Bolton – because Bolton’s entire relationship with Trump was based on being in a direct national-security adviser role, which receives an extremely different treatment than other adviser roles.

Bolton is still a liability, for sure. There’s no telling what direction he’ll decide to go over time.

But this news marks a major setback for Democrats who were hoping to receive some sort of homerun from Bolton.

Democrats are going to have to wait.

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