Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Not About Infrastructure, Admits Democrat Congressperson

President Joe Biden wants America to think that his massive “infrastructure” package is directed only at rebuilding and developing the basic infrastructure needs of the nation.

But a top Democrat lawmaker inadvertently admitted the truth on live television.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) said Wednesday that is it “legitimate” to say some provisions of Biden’s infrastructure package “don’t have anything to do with infrastructure.”

The bait and switch is on.

Cleaver tried to soften the blow once he realized what he had admitted. “The president has opened the door. None of this is in concrete. He wants to sit down and I think he’s going to begin to invite Republicans over to the White House to discuss the funding and any other component of this,” the congressman said.

But the truth is out there now. Biden said one thing. But the truth is that the bill is full of pork and pet projects at an unprecedented level.

To read more about this bill, click here.

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3 Responses

  1. This man is amenise to the people
    Just like the Covid bill 9% of it is going to the cause the rest to his want to be
    The infrastructure bill will be the same just a big waste of money
    A pocket paddler

  2. Sounds like his covid bill. Only 9% of it actually went for covid, but likely went to the illegals. Our reps and sens need to put a stop to all this money grabbing.

  3. The billions they plan on giving other countries should of be used for the infrastructure. Not, new taxes especially if you’re going to pack it with pork.

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