Bill Barr Defends Police, Explains Why He Won’t Support Defund Movement

Attorney General Bill Barr isn’t backing down despite the calls from left-wing radicals to defund the police, as Fox News reports.

“We need a police force,” said Barr during a recent event. “We need these institutions to provide peace and security in society to allow our lives to flourish.”

Barr acknowledged that some “checks” are necessary on any government institution:

At the same time whenever you have that kind of institution, you have the possibility of abuse. And so you have to put reins and checks in place to make sure that these institutions that are designed to protect the community don’t themselves become oppressive. And it’s a question of striking the right balance.

As the nation’s social justice warriors attempt to rid our society of the benefit of law enforcement, Bill Barr’s courageous stand is a breath of fresh air.

“We need to support the police so they’re out there protecting the community,” said Barr.

To read more of Barr’s comments, click here.

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