Bill Barr Attacked for Not Catering to Democrats

Bill Bar actually did it: he became the attorney general that the country needs and not the one Democrats were hoping for. This alone makes impeachment dramatically less likely. That’s a good thing.

NPR just ran a hit piece bashing Barr, accusing him of – gasp! – not doing what the Democrat Party wants him to do. Oh! The horror.

Realistically, most people who read the attack will see through the propaganda and know that Barr is doing exactly the job he should.

The hit piece essentially just summarizes Barr’s performance so far as being what Democrats don’t want – as though that’s some sort of negative statement.

In a world of bogus investigations, fake documents, and biased media, an attorney general should be willing to do the opposite of what the Democrat Party demands.

For example, from the article:

“At least one constituent is still pleased: After almost nine months in the job, Barr appears to enjoy the president’s confidence and approval in a way that Sessions never did.

Democrats, in contrast, have accused Barr of turning the Justice Department into a political weapon against the White House’s opponents.”

He’s not a political weapon. He’s just following the law. It just happens to favor one side over the other. If you compare his behavior to other attorneys general in the past, like Eric Holder, it becomes even more clear that Barr is just doing his job.

I don’t normally do this, but it’s probably a good idea to check out the article, even though it’s from a liberal source. The attack doesn’t work – you’ll be able to see how well Barr stands up to the negative scrutiny.

I, for one, support the attorney general. He’s doing a great job.

-Question of the Day-

What do you think about William Barr’s performance so far?

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