BREAKING: Joe Biden’s China Conspiracy EXPOSED – Americans In Shock…

It’s finally coming out — and President Joe Biden isn’t happy that America knows the truth.

With Biden at the helm, “it seems like our foreign adversaries get first dibs at energy availability and America is last,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) told Fox News in a recent interview. “It’s hard to reconcile this administration’s foreign policy with their domestic policy because the two are at odds with one another.”

Morrisey says Biden is helping China more than America.

According to Fox News: “West Virginia has petitioned the Supreme Court to limit the Environment Protection Agency’s authority in an attempt to protect energy jobs. [Morrisey] said the climate plan Biden announced last month was a major win for China’s economy.”

But China isn’t the only totalitarian regime being aided by Biden’s energy policies.

“Republicans are frustrated by Biden’s day-one decision to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline — which would have run oil from Canada to the U.S. — coupled with his new support for a pipeline that will benefit the Kremlin,” Fox News reports. To Morrisey, “It is hypocritical.”

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  5. Why are we Americans putting up with these traitorous actions by our fake President? Isn’t there anyone in DC willing to stand up for America?

  6. beginning to wonder why this is aloud to happen myself! Trump should have been able to stay in office until the fraud was proved. America ,Bipolar!


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