BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Anti-America Conspiracy EXPOSED

President Joe Biden is in hot water after Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) exposed a disturbing facet of Biden’s character.

According to Breitbart, Scott said the Biden administration believes “we are not a great country. We’re not exceptional.”

Scott based his claim on the fact Biden has invited the United Nations to investigate racism in the United States.

The Florida Republican said that Biden’s words sound a lot like Obama’s apology tour to the world, as Breitbart noted:

“It’s going back to the Obama, oh gosh, we are not a great country. We’re not exceptional. That’s exactly what this is. Blinken, Biden, they don’t believe in the exceptionalism of this country. They don’t believe that we are the beacon of hope for the whole world. … All they want to do is talk about the things that we have to work on. Look, there [are] things that we clearly need to work on. We’ve got to make sure everybody has an opportunity to live the dream of this country. But, if we’re so bad, why do people want to flock into our country?

Biden is not a leader for the nation but a pawn for the anti-America progressives.

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  3. If our country is so bad, then why does everyone want to come here? It is true, we are not perfect, but then, who is? There are problems that need to be worked out, but we are still the greatest nation on earth. No thanks to the Anti-America left who are doing their best to destroy us. All of these nay-sayers need to be sent to a communist country to live for a while, so that they can learn to appreciate what they have here and not try to trash it at every opportunity.

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