Report: Joe Biden Will Be Unable To Fight Off Radical Leftism If Elected President

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has prided himself on being a moderate — a good-old-boy of yesteryear who will unite the better souls of our nation into a stronger and freer democracy.

But the reality is Biden lacks the principles and intestinal fortitude to withstand the radical leftists who are in his camp and will be pushing him to cave to their agenda.

“Biden is not strong enough to be a centrist anymore,” John Feehery, a Republican strategist, told the Washington Examiner. “If he becomes president, which I doubt, he won’t confront the progressives, he will capitulate to them.

It’s a sentiment the Examiner‘s W. James Antle III echoed himself, writing of the 77-year-old Democrat:

Biden’s feint toward court-packing follows reversals of other longstanding positions that have fallen out of favor with the Left, such as his erstwhile support for the Hyde Amendment, which bans most taxpayer funding of abortion. Biden has come out in favor of its repeal.

This raises the question of what Biden will do on other issues where he has not taken the most liberal position, such as “Medicare for All” or the “Green New Deal,” but where many Democrats in Congress are far to the left.

The question of court-packing, long unanswered by Biden, also remains. “Congressional Democrats are likely to be outraged by [Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney] Barrett’s confirmation,” the Examiner reported, “especially if it results in a reliable 6–3 conservative Supreme Court majority, as widely expected.”

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