Biden Slips, Trump Gains Ground In Most Recent Rasmussen Poll

Joe Biden’s campaign should be getting nervous: the most recent Rasmussen poll shows the Democrat presidential nominee losing ground to President Donald Trump.

One would expect the hype and build-up to this week’s Democratic National Convention would give Biden a growing advantage — but the numbers tell a different story.

“The survey found 48 percent choosing Biden, and 44 percent backing the president,” Breitbart reported of the Rasmussen poll. “That represents a two-point shift in the president’s direction from last week’s survey, which had Biden up by six percentage points — 49 percent to Trump’s 43 percent.”

In the important demographic of unaffiliated voters, Trump holds a commanding lead. “Trump also leads Biden among unaffiliated voters by five percentage points, 44 percent to 39 percent,” Breitbart noted.

To learn more about Rasmussen’s latest polling, click here.

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