Joe Biden Quits Early – Media Bewildered

After a long weekend, President Joe Biden decided to use Monday to … have a short Monday.

That’s the fighting spirit of the President of the United States.

“The White House called a lid on Monday morning at 11:27 a.m. as President Joe Biden spent a long four day weekend at his home in Delaware,” reported Breitbart News.

Border crisis? Never heard of it. Coronavirus pandemic? Where’s the ice cream. Inflation on the rise? Let’s call it a day before lunch. These golf clubs aren’t going to play themselves.

White House staff did make this promise to the press – he will be back… at some point this week.

That’s reassuring, I guess.

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15 Responses

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  6. After having a President that no one could keep up with, you have this wandering demented old man, who can’t even put in an eight hour day! What a sad, sad country we have!

    1. I miss Trump. Economy was booming, good jobs, lower taxes, affordable housing, lower gas prices, etc. After 7 months with Biden we have a stagnant economy, limited good jobs, higher taxes, higher housing, higher gas prices, etc. Now why could i want to vote for a Democrat????

  7. Whisper’n Joe is now busy setting up his plan for asylum in China, he and his crime family are going to need a refuge with no means of extraction…he can be a man without a country in China for the rest of his miserable life…

  8. The dementia old man !!! What good is he ??? This country is going to shambles and the leadership is tainted and don’t know what to do !!! What a shame for this country with no, repeat NO, leadership !!! This game has to change or this country is going under AND QUICKLY !!!

  9. Wake up Americans who voted for Biden. Our country is being torn apart under the so called leadership of Biden. Without a doubt the wrong man was “questionably ” voted into office.

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