BREAKING: Joe Biden NOT In Charge – Shocking Report Stuns America

Rumors of Joe Biden’s impending demise may be truer than once thought.

It appears the president is not in charge and is not following the science, as his campaign promises implied. In fact, the truth appears to be something else entirely.

“Newly-released documents suggest that one of the country’s most powerful teachers unions shaped Biden administration policies on the reopening of schools, despite President Joe Biden’s pledge to ‘follow the science’ on pandemic policy,” Breitbart News reports.

According to the stunning report, certain teachers unions successfully lobbied to have the Biden administration choose a course of action different than what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had recommended.

“The powerful teachers union’s full-court press preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on a full re-opening of in-person classrooms, emails between top CDC, [American Federation of Teachers], and White House officials show,” according to the New York Post.

Not “following the science” was a complaint often levied against Donald Trump by the Biden team. Now, it’s their turn to hold that mantle.

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17 Responses

  1. if these teachers can’t do their jobs in person as they are paid to do then they should be laid off as is the case in most union shops, and when they are called back to work they either go or consider themselves terminated. Let’s just skip right on threw the BS and fire them if they don’t want to teach….. There are college students graduating every year that would love to have a teaching job……. let’s start opening some up

  2. Agree- fire them all and get qualified people on there not just dumb democrats hoping to get rich on poor people and ruin their minds with evil and inaccurate presentation of our history. Fire them!

  3. Don’t really think any of these ” institutions” are very much trust-worthy at this point.

  4. I would fire all teachers not wanting to do their job they get paid for. I’m sure are a lot of newly graduated with teachers degree who could do as good if not better of a job. Start now and get rid of these lazy and ignorant teachers. It will be a super move for our children they deserve it now!!! No more wasting time of learning for all children. God Bless our children and God Bless this United States of America

  5. Is anyone really surprised that the Teacher Union has significant control over the Democratic Party. They gives tens of Millions of $$$$s to these filthy lying thief’s and they will do what they are told. Period. It will take decades to clean up the mess the Democrats created in our government. God Bless America. Only elect Republicans and destroy the Deep Staters.

  6. I was a teacher for many years & watched our education system decline to what it is today. When I retired, you were not allowed to discipline a child by holding them in at recess (to finish homework, etc). With no consequences, kids didn’t want to learn to be good students. We taught them anyway. Please don’t lump all teachers into one political group. Many were conservative, working “against the grain”. You might think it is easy to just fire, & rehire new teachers fresh out of college. There is a reason most of our staff had master’s degrees. We were professionals. Many districts politicized agendas, but after working for twenty plus years, it is not easy to change professions. We all want the very best education for our children, so in your comments, have a heart.

  7. Since when are teachers “or so called administrators of the school system” politicians ??? It seems that this country has become “everyone knows everything” about the system of politics !!! What ever happened about knowing your job or doing what you’re paid for ??? Politician business now seems to be every ones business that can chew gun and walk at the same time !!! Seems that they know nothing, but, want to make their way of thinking every persons thought !!! It might work out to mind your own business for a change instead of trying to know every ones else business !!!

  8. Satan ruless. Keep your eyes to the sky. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming to judge the wicked and the dead.

  9. Let the Jews have control… After all, would it not be anti Semitic of you didn’t??

  10. Of course Biden is not in charge. He is NOT capable. AOC, and Soros is running the whole show along with the Unions, ETC.

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