Biden Is Underperforming In Securing The Black Vote

Typically a demographic on which the Democrats have relied heavily, presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s performance thus far with Black voters is not encouraging for his party.

A recent poll by Zogby shows that just 77% of Black voters are committed to voting for Biden in the November election. For context, Barack Obama received 93% of the vote from Black voters and Hillary Clinton received 83%, according to exit polls.

According to Breitbart, “the drop-off was most significant in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—states that went narrowly for Trump in that election after having backed Democrats at the presidential level for nearly three decades.”

This is encouraging for Republicans hoping to see President Donald Trump re-elected. The poll numbers, for what they are worth, have revealed a significant distance between the two candidates, with Biden getting the decisive edge. However, swing states will still be the most important battlegrounds. That means Biden must, at a minimum, hold the demographics of Democrats who have gone before him.

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